Commercial & Governmental

Led by ISA Master and Certified Arborists



Maximize your landscape assets and minimize risk. We can help proactively plan and address issues before they they become budget breaking problems. Our experts keep abreast of the latest industry advancements to best serve you. Pruning mistakes made by less educated “arborists” can be ugly, difficult or impossible to correct, and in some cases fatal to the tree.

technical tree

Limited access or hazardous conditions? We can help.
We have the expertise and equipment to overcome the most challenging obstacles. Our cranes, track spider lifts, and remote controlled grapple saws allow efficient and safe work most anywhere.

Large Scale tree



large scale tree
removal & Land Clearing

Does your project require extensive removal or multiple sites? Meurer Brothers will complete the work with speed, precision, and safety to keep your project on track. We have the scale to handle your largest needs.

Storm Debris Collection &

Severe weather is a reality here in the Midwest. When an emergency event strikes, we are ready to respond immediately. Our extensive fleet can clear obstructions and debris quickly – when time matters most.

muncipality &

Community members value their public lands. When trees are in decline, people notice. Public safety concerns also drive decisions. Demonstrate your commitment to stewardship of these community assets by working with professionals who have the qualifications and resources to help proactively address issues before they become budget breaking problems.