Led by ISA Master and Certified Arborists


protect your
property value

The trees and shrubs in your landscape add beauty and value to your home. Meurer Brothers are experts with the certifications, tools and research based solutions to help your landscape thrive. Our chipper-free crews also yield a quieter on site experience.


Pruning is a vital component of tree care, essential for maximizing the heath, safety and appearance of your trees. As Master and Certified Arborists, we understand healthy tree structure and how to spot issues and correct them. All our recommendations are guided by ANSI A300 pruning standards and best management practices published by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the globally recognized authority in tree care.

Our experts keep abreast of the latest industry advancements to best serve you. Pruning mistakes made by less educated “arborists” can be ugly, difficult or impossible to correct, and in some cases fatal to the tree.

some of our pruning

Crown Thinning & Reduction

Crown Raising

Structural Pruning

Cabling, Bracing & Lightning Protection

Tree & shrub

We battle many insect and disease concerns here in the Midwest. Other site issues, such as soil compaction and nutrient deficiencies, can also contribute to poor plant health. A proactive approach, developed by experts, can improve tree health and save money down the road.

some of our healthcare

Insect & Disease Control

Nutrient Deficiency Care

Root Invigoration

Tree Protection During Construction

tree & stump

Sometimes it is inevitable – a tree needs to be removed.
Dead and dying trees pose significant liability. Our specialized equipment and insurance coverage (unmatched in our area) allow us to safely and efficiently remove even the most hazardous trees in difficult locations without destroying your yard. You are in experienced hands.

storm damage

Our weather packs a punch. We field calls immediately and respond quickly in emergencies. Don’t wait for the next business day – call ASAP. Knowing the areas and extent of major damage helps us organize and deploy our crews to get to you quickly. We are approved by, and work with all the major insurance companies in our market. Let us help in these stressful situations.